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Michael Gearon

With years of experience in the digital industry, we can work together to strengthen your website. If you are looking for advice or for a bespoke website just get in touch today to discuss what you are looking for. For more information on services, I offer please see below.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Having an effective CRO strategy can lead to a higher percentage of visitors becoming a customer for your business.  The benefit of optimising your CRO today is that it will benefit you in the long term making sure every single potential visitor counts.CRO is all about looking at your current data, so the first step in the journey is to look at any data sources you currently have and take that as the baseline figure. The next step is working with you to formulate a series of tests and next steps and put a CRO plan in place that you can follow. The final step is to implement the changes across the whole website and see the difference.

I have a fresh feeling of inspiration today based on everything we discussed last night. I personally took a lot of value from this, the points we discussed – they are simple things that I personally feel I massively overlooked and under estimated and sometimes it’s nice to have someone like yourself help hit the refresh button on thinking patterns and look at it differently.

Client CRO Audit for a Lead Gen Website

Bespoke Website Design and Development

If you are looking for bespoke website work we can work together from concept right through to delivery. Your website and online presence should be close to the heart of your business, it should be a reflection of your brand’s personality. Potential customers and existing customers view your website and make constant judgements on whether to use you or another competitor.

If you are looking for support for your existing website then we can work together to look at what you are currently using in terms of hosting, how your website is set up and what platforms you use and then work out a plan on how to improve your business going forward with data-driven development.

Performance Audits

When did you last check your website performance? Your website performance can lead to improving the user experience which at the end of the day can improve conversions. In a performance audit you can expect the following outcome:

  • discover any quick wins;
  • uncover any performance bottlenecks;
  • create and explain reports and insights;
  • improve network and runtime performance;
  • describe how new approaches and technologies can help;
  • provide action points for your team
  • recommend tooling and monitoring;
  • plus a bunch of other stuff.

Equipped with this performance audit you will be able to implement changes to your website which will make a noticeable difference.