Michael Gearon

About Me

Hi, I’m Michael Gearon, just call me Mike. I’m currently working in the UK Civil Service, as a Senior Interaction Designer. I am one of the authors of the Tiny CSS Projects published through Manning Publications in 2023.

I specialise in a few different design disciplines, such as:

If it’s to do with the design of an app or a website then I’m the person to talk to about it.

Author of the Tiny CSS Projects book

In 2022 I co-authored a book with Martine Dowden called Tiny CSS Projects. Published by Manning Publications the book consists of 12 chapters, each chapter is a tiny project that you can follow along whilst learning about CSS. The book has been digitally published and in late 2022 to early 2023 the book will be printed in colour.

Spoken at UX events and other industry events

Michael Gearon in Net magazine, a UX and web publication

I’ve spoken at events such as:

I’ve also done a mixture of writing both online and offline through Medium, Net Magazine and other publications. Get in touch if you want me to speak at your event.

What people say about me

Mike is a talented and versatile developer, with robust experience in SEO, curious and always keen to learn and discover new areas. I have been genuinely impressed by Mike’s knowledge and contribution and will happily work with him in the future.
Pascal Moyon, Vice President of Marketing at GoCompare.com

Mike was a fantastic colleague at GoCompare and I look forward to working again with him in the future. He would be a real asset to any company who take testing, optimisation and user experience seriously.
Mark Phelps, Head of Marketing Technology at GoCompare.com

Where I’ve worked

Where When
Civil Service 2019 – Current
BrandContent 2018 – 2019
GoCompare.com 2016 – 2018
HEOR Ltd 2015-2016
Glass Mountains Digital 2014-2015

As well as working at BrandContent I’ve worked with a mixture of businesses in South Wales. Companies such as GoCompare.com as a product designer, HEOR as a UX and UI designer and Glass Mountains Digital as a project manager. Most of my work can not be shared, however you can get a sense of what I am all about on CodePen.

CRO and UX Audits

One of the things I can help you with is improving your online business by improving the user experience which should generate more revenue. The audit will dig into your website and highlight areas where you can make changes. Here is some feedback from a client on a CRO audit:

“I have a fresh feeling of inspiration today based on everything we discussed last night. I personally took a lot of value from this, the points we discussed – they are simple things that I personally feel I massively overlooked and under estimated and sometimes it’s nice to have someone like yourself help hit the refresh button on thinking patterns and look at it differently.”

Client CRO Audit for a Lead Gen Website

If you want to have your own audit done by me you can drop me a message and I’ll get back in touch as soon as possible.

Environment and sustainability

One of the things that is important to the work I do is designing solutions that are sustainable and are positive for the environment.

An example of this commitment is that this website is hosted by Krystal. Krystal funds 100% renewable energy through Ecotricity. As well as this, the website has been tweaked and refined to be as light as possible, using the least amount of resources.

On top of this, because my content is read worldwide the website is also on a content delivery network (CDN) provided by Cloudflare. This means when someone reads my website the request for the web page comes from the closest server to them providing a fast and efficient service.

How can you get in touch with me?

You can find me on X (Twitter) or LinkedIn. Also on Instagram for posts on UX, UI and frontend development.