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September book updates

Michael Gearon

Over the summer months we’ve been busy keeping the momentum up for the Tiny CSS Projects book. We’ve been busy with editing, promotion and just keeping on top of things. Here’s a few highlights during June, July and August and what is coming up.

New chapters in Tiny CSS Projects

When the book was first released in Mannings Early Access Program we went live with chapters 1, 3 and 4. The first chapter covered the basics of CSS, what is it and how we can start styling web pages. Chapter 3 is all about animations and how we can animate SVG’s with CSS which was a fun chapter to write. Chapter 4 covered something not often known about in CSS that we can use the multi-column CSS module to create a newspaper type layout.

Now in September we have 8 out of the 12 chapters published. It’s been really interesting as a first time author seeing the process unfold and getting that notification to say another chapter has been published.

Going forward we’re hoping more chapters will be out soon and we are constantly going back to the published chapters making edits and changes based on feedback.


We recently met with Chris to chat about the book on the Chinchilla Squeaks podcast. Admittedly for me this didn’t go to plan, I had tech issues with my microphone and an overheating laptop. Luckily Chris done an amazing job and kept it all on track.

You can also listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and all of the usual channels. Next we’ve got another podcast lined up in October which will be fun and hopefully no tech issues!

Full colour print and expected publication date

We also had confirmation that the Tiny CSS Projects book will be published in Spring 2023 and also that it will be in full colour. CSS is a highly visual given it’s for styling web pages so it’s great to see Manning supporting us and committing to printing the book in colour next year.

The book is also available to pre-order on third-party websites now like Amazon  alongside my new Amazon author page which hopefully will hold more books in the future. It’s also on other websites like Barnes & Noble in the United States.

Michael Gearon

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Michael Gearon

Senior Interaction Designer and Co-Author to Tiny CSS Projects