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RSS feed improvements

Michael Gearon

Since creating this website back in 2012, surprisingly this website is now over 10 years old,  I haven’t paid much attention to the RSS feed. The website has changed over the 10 years, changing domain names, changing from a simple portfolio site to being more focused on my writing. The RSS has always existed throughout the changes but I didn’t know what it was doing or what content it was showing.

Showing all posts

The main change is that the feed was only showing blog posts, and nothing on CSS, HTML, performance or UX. Now all future posts across the site will now appear in the feed.

Validating the feed

I’ve checked the RSS against a few validators and it appears to be all fully valid and should show all of the content you can find on the website. One thing I dislike with some feeds is you get a snippet of the article and enforcing the reader to click a link to view the full article.

Why now?

Recently I’ve got into using RSS feeds more, moving away from social media and newsletters. I find it too noisy on social media with content mixed in with adverts and newsletters clogging up my inbox. I now use an app called Reeder to read through most web articles and then saving useful content to Pocket.

What next?

Now the RSS is properly up and running it is in a good place for you to subscribe to. You will get any articles I published to your favourite RSS reader and any problems just tweet me on Twitter.

Michael Gearon

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Michael Gearon

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