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Michael Gearon

Last Thursday 20 October 2022 we caught up with the JS Party folks to chat about the Tiny CSS Projects book and what we’ve been up to with the book for the #249 episode. The episode was kindly sponsored by Square, Sentry and Fly.io so huge shoutout to them for supporting the Changelog and the podcasts. The Changelog actually celebrated it’s 10 years with over 790 episodes recorded and has had over 14 million listens, impressive stats!

Who are JS Party Podcast?

They are part of the company Changelog, an indie media company, with all sorts of podcasts and news from conversations with founders, CEOs and makers to artificial intelligence. As well as the podcasts there is a real community behind it with a newsletter and Slack channel.

The platform is fully open source and their community is free to join which is amazing to see and to be able to share our knowledge with their community.

The podcast

Live streamed over YouTube and recorded for the podcast we chatted to Nick & Amelia, all about the book. We started with some introductions, then chatting about who the book is for (spoiler, if you’re interested in CSS then this book is for you!)

The landing page for the JS party podcast

One of the obvious questions with this book is there any JavaScript involved? Short answer is no! JavaScript goes with CSS but this book is focused on CSS with some supporting JS and of course the HTML that we style together.

We then chatted about 2 chapters, chapter 2 all about CSS grids and then chapter 6 creating a profile card. It is 2 of our favourite chapters (although being biased all of the chapters are interesting in their own way). In chapter 2 we focus on CSS grids such as what grid-template-areas is and how we can use that with media queries. Whilst chapter 6 is all about flexbox and custom properties.

JS Party 249: Tiny CSS Projects – Listen on Changelog.com

The latest with the book

Also if you’re curious to find out what has been happening with the book, it is still progressing on time. Chapter 9 will soon be released to early access readers, leaving the final chapter 12 to be published. Although that is definitely not the end, we have more editing and refining to go before it’s ready for full publication early next year.

The last chapter 12 will focus on preprocessors and what are the pro’s and con’s of using Sass over CSS and you’ll be able to follow a project where you style something in Sass. Chapter 9 will be creating a virtual credit card. You will start with the HTML of a credit card, like the card number, expiry etc and then recreate the design of a credit card using CSS. We also look at how you can add animation to the project by creating a flipping effect that when on hover the card will magically flip over and show the back of the card.

Also the CSS book is now ready for pre-order on Amazon in America and the UK as well as other stores throughout the world which is very exciting to see.

Closing thoughts

The team at Changelog were amazing, there was plenty of guidance upfront on how to record the podcast and the hosts were friendly. Also if you head over to their website next you may find a secret discount code to the book if you want to buy it (thank you in advance!). Also if you have something to chat about I’d highly recommend chatting to the team about your idea for a podcast.

Michael Gearon

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Michael Gearon

Senior Interaction Designer and Co-Author to Tiny CSS Projects