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Update June 2015

A Little Chance completed it’s first event at The Little Man, with 50 or so people turning up and 4 speakers as well a live musician. The website is running strong, we are still in the process of building the online shopping platform. The next step now is to run a second event and to discover more talent.

As part of the final year major project for University, myself, Dan Godsall, Lewys Brown and Lalo Schjetnan have come together to form A Little Chance. A Little Chance main aim is to allow creative people to hopefully make a break in the industry and give them a platform to work from.

What is A Little Chance

A Little Chance was an idea conceived  by Dan and Lalo in mid-2014, later on Lewys and I joined to form the team to develop the business.  Our goal was to do two things to develop an online platform and to run an event in Cardiff.

The idea of A Little Chance is to give people who have creative work a platform to showcase and sell their work, we also give people access to the website so they can blog and share ideas and hopefully find people to collaborate on projects.

As well as a real business this contributes to our final year at the University of South Wales and accounts for 1/4 of our overall marks. For this module we have to develop a business plan, an exhibition which will be featured in Chapter Arts Cardiff and a group and independent review of the overall project.

The Website

A Little Chance website features blog posts from both the team and various people who would like to share their project and interests. We started the website in late 2014, using a custom WordPress theme to meet the requirements we needed for the website.

The Event

In March we are running an event open from the afternoon going into evening, we have teamed up with The Little Man a coffee cafe in the heart of Cardiff. We will have a series of speakers, showcased work and general chit chat with the best coffee in Cardiff.

Next Steps

We see the website as the main focus of the organisation and we are planning to use an extension such as Woocomerce to give people the ability to sell their work online and then to either send a physical copy of the purchase or to download it digitally.

After our first event we are going to then run further events in Cardiff and then to expand to other cities around Wales hopefully.

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